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| August 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

At the end of last week, I co-wrote and recorded a voiceover for my friend John’s new magic show that you can see playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

John wanted a big American movie-style intro to the show, to juxtapose with the low-key opening of the show (for maximum comic effect!) so we wrote a show and recorded it at Resonance FM’s studios.

I should tell you what the show is. It’s called Pifftacular and stars John as Piff The Magic Dragon – a wonderfully grumpy and very magical dragon who likes card magic and kidnapping princesses.

Check out Piff’s site for more info and go and see the show to hear my dulcet tones as a brash American voiceover guy (and enjoy some great magic and princess kidnapping).

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