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I’m currently in the pre-rehearsal period for a fantastic new play by Steven Lally, directed by Tom Mansfield for Upstart Theatre.

It’s a project that we started work on around 4 years ago, shortly after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell underground station in London. Jean Charles was shot as a result of a series of intelligence blunders by The Metropolitan Police following the London bombings of 7th July and the failed bombings of 22nd July. As a result of this, the Upstart project was originally called The 22nd July Project. We began by doing workshops on the ideas that the shooting brought to light, but slowly Tom and Steven realised that the wider issues of how the situation was reported were as crucial (if not, more so) than the direct effects of the shooting itself.

As a result, the idea for Oh Well Never Mind Bye came about. Shortly afterwards, the script was written by Steven and has just finished the casting process, using two new actors to the project and two (myself and the excellent Susanna Fiore) who have been in it since the events the play is based on occured. We start rehearsing next week for two weeks, then it’s on to a three week run at The Union Theatre in Southwark, south London.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll post info from rehearsals and news about the play itself. So, watch this space…

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